Inspire and help our clients achieve optimal health by re-establishing their body’s healing process on a mind, body, spirit level, using indigenous body work, ancient healing traditions, and “Let Go” technology.

  • Combination of spiritual and practical...
    Lark Coryell

    "My first Bioenergy session with Greg and Antonia was amazing. The combination of spiritual and practical information sets them apart." 

  • Miracle Worker
    Adrienne Baumann

    "I was 8 months pregnant when my sciatic nerve became inflamed. The pain was excruciating, starting in my back and shooting down my hip, thigh and lower leg. My OBGYN said the pain would pass after I had the baby but instead it worsened. On several occasions my leg completely buckled beneath me while I was holding my newborn. I went to Greg out of sheer desperation but never thought massage could help. It took just one session to turn me from a skeptic into a believer! Four hours with Greg and three days later my pain was totally gone. Now two years have passed and I still recommend him, not as a massage therapist, but as a miracle worker!"

  • Superb Healers
    Jacquie Hale, author, life coach.

    "I've been having healing sessions for more than 20 years. Antonia and Greg are the best. Their Bioenergy Balancing work is unusual and accurate. They are intuitive beyond anything I've seen before and their combined energy and expertise gives a broad range of health awareness. I come away from every session with long-lasting physical, emotional, spiritual balance. In the past I saw several different kinds of practitioners. Since I met Antonia and Greg, I only see them. They are superb healers." 

  • Uniquely Powerful

    “Greg’s Lomilomi bodywork is uniquely powerful. It has changed my life and set my body free.”

  • Healing Magic
    KE Berkeley, CA

    "Every time I get a treatment from Greg and Antonia, I come away with profound insights into my physical and emotional  healing. I feel energized and cleansed and clear. And grateful!"