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Unleash Your Inner Healer | 3-Day Virtual Live Event

Take a breath and feel how you're Feeling right now in this moment...

You've been working so hard to get where you are right now,

and you've done so much and made so much progress.

But you might be feeling like this isn't exactly where you thought you'd be... why do I wake up all sweaty and anxious in the middle of the night?

...why do I still doubt myself when I make decisions?

...why don't I have more faith in what I'm doing?

And why does it seem to take soooo long to make any progress at all?

Why haven't I already healed all the stuff that's slowing me down?

If you're asking yourself any of these questions,
you've come to the right place... 

What if...

… you could just show up, hit the transformation button,
and get the results you've been looking for?

 (Totally possible, but you'll have to show up and do the work... 
and then together, we'll make magic.)

Special Offer!  Free Pendulum When You Register By August 1, 2021

"I can tell you, Antonia and Greg are the real deal"  - Eiji Morishita

The Unleash Your Inner Healer | 3-Day Virtual Live Event is...

3 jam-packed, uplifting, hands-on days, full of powerful processes, inspiring demos, individualized healing, transformative meditations and exercises all designed to give you a total
‘I FEEL BETTER, AND I'M DOIN' THIS’ reset for your health, life, and business.


Friday, August 6 through Sunday, August 8


9:30am-4:00pm PDT


Live on Zoom


You missed out!

We're Antonia Van Becker and Greg Lee, and we get it. You want to be further along in your journey than you are.

That's why we put together this event, because we believe in your success, and we all want to be a powerful presence, living big in life and business.

For 25 years, clients have come to us to heal their bodies, retrain their brains, energize their spirits, and supercharge their life and business.

As founders of Self Health Institute, our clients' success is our business. We love using our signature CoreTalk Holistic Therapy to heal and guide conscious entrepreneurs, business owners, healers, speakers, and coaches toward amazing outcomes by transforming their problems into golden opportunities.

We love helping people, just like you, get past self-doubt, overwhelm, and chronic health issues so you can have an incredible life and the impact you so deeply desire.

Here's What Participants From Our Last Event said...

Kathleen Gonzalez

Transformational Healer

"Immediately after the event, I signed up a new client!"

When Kathleen came to the event, she was blocked and overwhelmed about calling clients. At the event, she cleared fear around visibility and perfectionism. She left feeling relieved and ready, and that week signed up a new client, and the next week another client.

Nathalie Bedard

Authentic Expression Facilitator

"It was a Life Changing Event"

I had been procrastinating and letting my perfectionism stop any progress I was trying to make in my business. After the event, I was able to work through my Marketing To-Do list, get my product out there, and start making money!

Jacqui Formanek

Ceramic Artist

"Healing my Limiting Beliefs has been Profound."

Before I started using CoreTalk, I wasn't aware of what was holding me back, and I felt stuck and frustrated. At the event I was able to identify a long-held limiting belief. We decoded the old belief, and encoded a new belief and I immediately felt lighter and more empowered.

Special offer!  Free Pendulum When You Register By August 1, 2021

What You Can Expect From Unleash Your Inner Healer

Personal Transformation
  • Discover how to transform fear and anger into deep connection and creativity 
  • Use ancient tools to become a master decision maker and create your ideal life.
  • Identify and heal adverse experiences that caused toxic emotions and behaviors 
Healing from Within
  • Calm emotional turmoil to reduce inflammation and protect yourself from chronic disease
  • Create abundant self-worth to energize and enhance your personal boundaries
  • Disengage from people's sticky energy to dramatically increase your health, vitality, and visibility 
Healing skills
  • Learn ancient healing techniques that will heal and transform you AND your clients
  • Identify your TRUE NORTH VISION to empower your healing journey with ease and grace
  • Use 'Let Go With Love' Healing to get rid of pain, inflammation, and muscle tension... naturally!

What We'll Be Doing in These 3 Days

This is not a 'sit on your butt' event.
This is an integration and 'get it done',
as in get those fears healed, get that pain relieved, get that anxiety under control,
and feel better, starting right now.
It's possible, and we're doin' it.

Day 1 Connect
  • Tap into your inner wisdom by
     connecting and communicating with your body - your whole being
  • Reveal your emotional setting - your 'Go-To Emotion', and how it can negatively manifest in your thoughts, beliefs AND physical being 
  • Explore your body's amazing energetic system of meridians, and how fear blocks those meridians and causes feelings of anxiety, lack of self-worth, and fear of visibility.
Day 2 HEAL
  • Create your Healthy Body Map so you can identify areas of pain, congestion, stress, and tightness AND discover how to heal them
  • Turn old wounds into wisdom so you can transform fear and anger into deep connection and creativity 
  • Identify your Signature Meridian and how to clear and heal energetic blockages that have held you back in life, love, business and health.
  • Integrate ancient healing skills and tools into your daily practice for deep, long-lasting personal transformation
  • Identify people and situations that are personal energy drains and create your own energetic setting of 'I am FULL of MYSELF' to secure your personal boundaries
  • Use 'Let Go With Love' techniques to reduce pain, inflammation, congestion, and tightness in your body.

Bonus #1: Pendulum Power Happy Hour

Connect with this incredible power partner in life and business.

  • Meet your powerful pendulum
  • Learn the Power Pendulum Process 
  • Get answers to your most important questions in life and business

Bonus #2: Evening in the Healing LoveSeat

Have a Chance to Get A Personal Healing

  • Clear out the fear or anger that is blocking your creativity
  • Uncover a core issue and heal it
  • Decode a limiting belief and encode an empowering one

Special offer!  Free Pendulum When You Register By August 1, 2021

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Join Us For Unleash Your Inner Healer

Our plan is to give you everything you need so you can connect with your inner wisdom and gifts, do some deep healing, work through limiting patterns and behaviors, and thrive by getting the stuff done that you've been wanting and needing to do so you can transform your life and business.