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Inspire and help our clients achieve optimal health by re-establishing their body’s healing process on a mind, body, spirit level, using indigenous body work, ancient healing traditions, and “CoreTalk”.

Greg Lee

Greg began his healing career in 1979 as a massage therapist. In 1995, inspired by the transformative qualities of Bioenergy Balancing (CoreTalk) and Lomilomi massage therapy, he committed his healing energies to these works, studying with Bioenergy Balancing founder Priscilla Kapel and Hawaiian master teachers Dr. Maka’ala Yates and Dr. Dane Kaohelani Silva.

Greg is a certified Mana Lomi instructor and practitioner. He has been a CoreTalk (certified Bioenergy Balancing) practitioner since 1995 and teacher since 2005. His focus is assisting clients improve their health so they can create vision and clearly pursue their life dreams.

He also plays, produces and composes music.

Antonia Van Becker

Antonia is a writer and intuitive healer. She studied Bioenergy Balancing with founder Priscilla Kapel.  Antonia has been a certified Bioenergy Balancing practitioner since 1995 and teacher since 2005.  She uses her intuition to help clients claim their health, wealth, and manifestation of their dreams.

Antonia once had a past life vision which led her on several adventures to Ireland where she discovered the location of her historical novel which she had already been writing. The novel, The Healer of Kildare, is in final edit (finally!!) and Antonia is on the look-out for an agent.

Antonia sings  in churches and synagogues throughout the San Francisco bay area.  Antonia writes pop songs with Greg.

In one of her recent past lives, Antonia worked for a large Silicon Valley Corporation for 15 years as their Technical Training and Publications Manager with employees world-wide.

Antonia and Greg

In 2010, Antonia and Greg created a new vision of their practice and founded Self Health Institute integrating the healing modalities of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, Bioenergy Balancing and Self Health workshops. Antonia and Greg are Bioenergy Balancing teachers and practitioners, certified by Bioenergy Balancing founder Priscilla Kapel. They work together to empower their clients to make life style changes to optimize health and well-being. Antonia and Greg help clients with emotional, energetic, and physiological issues and offer a full range of nutritional supplements when needed.

Antonia and Greg have two daughters, one grandchild, a golden retriever, a fierce Siamese cat, and a turtle. They live in the country setting of West Marin, California. They love to work in their organic garden at Hummingbird Farm, where they strive to produce much of the fruits and vegetables for their table.

See Antonia and Greg’s Music Page for all of their past and present music projects.

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