CoreTalk FAQS

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How does CoreTalk work?
We begin the session discussing what the client wants to work on. The client then relaxes on the massage table, face up, and Antonia and Greg ask the client’s body questions about that concern. They use applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to receive answers to their questions while lightly touching the person to act as the client’s energetic “extension cord.” In muscle testing, pressure is applied to the hand while the arm is out in front of the person. If the arm goes down, the person’s energy field is weak and thus the answer is no, if the energy field is strong, the arm remains aloft and the answer is yes. Doing this process over and over again would be tiring for the client, thus Antonia and Greg take on the job! If the client shows a blockage in a meridian due to a stuck emotion, they gently trace the meridian on the client’s body to clear the blockage.

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