Bioenergy Balancing

You know how health issues, whether emotional, physiological or energetic in nature can keep you from accomplishing what you want in life? Bioenergy Balancing helps you understand what your body needs so you can get back on track. How does it work? We talk to your body! That’s right; we have a conversation with your body asking yes/no questions using scientifically proven Applied Kinesiology techniques (muscle testing).

Bioenergy Balancing provides a beautifully simple, yet comprehensive dialog about your individual physiological and/or emotional issues. Imagine hearing your body talk, giving you the answers to problems that were once hidden from view. Bioenergy Balancing is a healing arts discipline combining Western medical principles of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry with Eastern concepts of chi (body energy) and the meridian/chakra system through which body energy flows. Bioenergy Balancing provides a means for communicating with the body consciousness – our “silent partner” who, when at optimum health, orchestrates every physiological process in the body with exquisite timing and precision.

Imagine your healthy body and mind: strong, dependable, clear. Bioenergy Balancing can help you achieve your life as you would like to live it.

“I’ve been having healing sessions for more than 20 years. Antonia and Greg are the best. Their Bioenergy Balancing work is unusual and accurate. They are intuitive beyond anything I’ve seen before and their combined energy and expertise gives a broad range of health awareness. I come away from every session with long-lasting physical, emotional, spiritual balance. In the past I saw several different kinds of practitioners. Since I met Antonia and Greg, I only see them. They are superb healers.” Jacquie Hale, author, life coach.

Bioenergy Balancing does not constitute treatment nor is it medical or diagnostic in nature. It is not a substitute for qualified medical, therapeutic, or chiropractic care although it can work in a complementary fashion with any or all of these disciplines.

Bioenergy Balancing FAQ’s