CoreTalk™ Holistic Therapy

Personal Care Package
(save 66%)

Heal limiting beliefs, destructive behaviors, and negative emotions
so you can break through overwhelm, procrastination,
and anxiety and thrive. 

What would it be worth to you if you could get rid of procrastination,
self-doubt, and overwhelm and...

be more productive and effective in your life and business?

How much would your life change... if right now, today,
you started getting clear, concise answers
to your most important questions about health and business...
that were exactly right for you? 

Imagine the clarity and confidence that kind of super power would give you!

And what if your body became your friend again...
and you didn’t feel sick and tired and exhausted anymore?

We'd love to help you feel great again so you can
up-level your business and supercharge your life!

It's what we've done for spiritually minded entrepreneurs for 25 years... 

And our signature CoreTalk Holistic Therapy works... REALLY WELL.

Would you like to get access to these superpowers right now?
Well... because you are right here, right now...


And... it's the perfect gift for someone you love.

CoreTalk™ Holistic Therapy Personal Care 
Holiday Special includes...

Two 60-minute CoreTalk™ Holistic Therapy Sessions
and you’ll also receive 
Two 15-minute CoreTalk™ Quantum Healing 
Remote Sessions.

Dehanna Rice

Energy Work-Breath Coach

Their Consise, Core-Connecting Approach

is deep, quick and eloquently executed with precision that will answer your most elusive, chronic health challenges life has to offer... Masterful!

About Antonia Van Becker and Greg Lee

Antonia Van Becker and Greg Lee are the founders of Self Health Institute, Inc. and their mission is to empower clients by turning problems that block their success into Golden Opportunities so they can move forward with clarity and confidence. 

For 25 years they’ve been using their signature CoreTalk™ therapy to guide conscious entrepreneurs, business owners, healers, speakers, and coaches toward successful outcomes by asking their clients' bodies simple questions and getting life-changing answers. 

They love helping people get past overwhelm, procrastination, self-doubt, and chronic health issues so they can have the life, business and impact they so deeply desire. 

Together since 1979, their 42-year relationship imbues their healing practice with love, body/mind consciousness, and emotional/energetic balance and awareness. 

Here’s what people are saying about Antonia and Greg

Ginny Kuhel

HR Specialist

 I felt like ME, vibrant, happy, secure and grounded.

My heart felt gratitude to Antonia & Greg and their amazing healing work. I have had the pleasure of their healing sessions on 3 occasions now. I was feeling my spirit and body were not in sync with one another and I did not feel grounded in myself. I was even having a hard time walking. After my first session, I felt like ME, vibrant, happy, secure and grounded.

  Karen McGregor

        International speaker,

Best-selling author

My food sensitivities literally disappeared.

My stomach became flat, I didn't have any pain anymore, and my skin irritations went away. And not only that, but I actually had a sudden, severe health symptom come up, and the doctors said they didn't know what it was. I called Antonia and Greg, and they worked with me, and in one session, we discovered and decoded a negative belief system, and it took all of that intense suffering away.

Jenn Mayers Vaidya

Conversion Copywriter

I immediately become more calm, grounded, and present

‘Terror’ that I had been carrying since birth was freed, gone. It had been affecting my business and health. But now, I knew it was gone. Deeper and deeper peace rang through my body. I immediately become more calm, grounded and present.
I’ve worked with many healers and have experienced many different modalities. Antonia and Greg are a rare find. If you have the chance to work with them (if you’re reading this right now, you obv. do!), follow your intuition. It knows best.

How CoreTalk™ Holistic Therapy is
Different and Valuable

You might be asking yourself, “Is this like all the other healing modalities out there?
I’ve done other types of healing. How is CoreTalk™ different?
What makes CoreTalk™ Holistic Therapy transformative is that it taps into, not just the mind for mindset issues, but the mind, body, and spirit, the superconsciousness to get to the core of the issue and heal it once and for all. 

When You Purchase the
CoreTalk™ Personal Care Package,
You Will...

Connect with your innate healing system 
Heal whatever’s held you back so you can express yourself easily 
Let your unique voice be heard so you can attract your ideal clients and make more money
Achieve calm, confidence, and health quickly and easily 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We are committed to making sure you're satisfied with your CoreTalk™ sessions. 

 When you take action with us, we take action with you. That’s super important to us, and we stand by what we do. So this is one-hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to use the two sessions?

Use the sessions as you wish and when needed to address long standing core issues that have affected your health, wealth, and well-being. 

How do I prepare for the sessions?

We suggest that you make a list of what you want to work on before you come, and we will let your body guide us to the most potent transformations, growth, and wellness

Are the sessions recorded?

Upon request, we will record your healing session or allow the session to be recorded on your computer.

How do the Quantum remote healing sessions work?

These two 15 minute remote healing sessions are best used for situations that need immediate attention. You will text or email us and we will do the healing for you as soon as possible. No need to be on zoom, however, you'll get notice of when the remote session is happening

On a personal note...

Our deepest wish is that you become FULL of yourself! Full to be uniquely you, full to bring all of your unique genius into the world, and so full that no one can quiet your voice, step on your spirit, or dim your light. We are on this path with you, and we love everything that you are.

Self Health Institute