Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Loving Touch Deep to the Bones

Lomilomi (Hawaiian Therapeutic Massage)

Lomilomi, traditional Hawaiian massage, is an integral part of Hawaiian health care. In times past, village experts called kahunas worked clinically with community members, addressing a wide array of health problems. This clinical development is fundamental to Lomilomi’s success in dealing with complex physical, emotional and energetic problems. The essential ingredients of Lomilomi massage are prayer, compassion, love and a deep understanding of the physical and energetic body.

Hawaiian kupuna (elders) describe Lomilomi as “loving touch, deep to the bones.” Lomilomi is more about the type of touch as opposed to a set routine of massage strokes. That said, there are thoroughly developed procedures for specific conditions. Lomilomi therapists are trained to assess physical conditions and create solutions that help restore the client’s feeling of wellness. The therapist addresses those conditions on a physical and energetic basis, allowing for a deeply spiritual and physical transformation. Lomilomi therapists use their hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet in a deep but gentle rhythmic fashion, helping the body to relax and let go. They see themselves as healing facilitators, helping their clients to re-awaken their own healing spirit within.

Each Lomilomi massage session is unique, drawing upon the therapist’s ability to assess the client’s needs and take appropriate action. Greg Lee relies greatly on meditative prayer to guide him through the healing process, focusing on the body’s innate ability to communicate its needs. Lomilomi’s combination of clinically developed technique and spiritual depth create an environment for dramatic healing, relief of symptoms and growth within the individual and therapist.

Lomi’ili’ili (Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage)

Lomi’ili’ili Hot Stone Massage, also known as pohaku wela (stone+hot), uses naturally smooth volcanic basalt stones, heated in a bath of hot water to help relax and relieve musculoskeletal tension (tight muscles). I have hand-picked these stones from beaches in Hawai’i and California. I hold the stones in one or both hands and soothe, compress and manipulate the muscles. The stones deliver deep relieving heat, moving quickly into the muscle fibers, allowing for a big release. One or two deep breaths and the muscle tightness is gone. The stones feel great and get the hard-to-release tight muscles to let go with ease. The stones are an integral part of the healing process. Often, first time clients, upon feeling the stones, will ask how I get my hands so hot. It’s hot stone magic.

(Advanced Joint Rehabilitative and Preventative Treatment) See ProSports Therapy

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage FAQ’s