April 22

How to Conserve Your Energy

I have noticed in several client sessions lately that people are putting out a lot of energy: whether it is for their kids or a sick loved one, an animal, or a problem with the earth. I fully applaud people giving. However, there is a time when you may be giving too much. It is important to conserve your body’s energy to facilitate your own internal and external needs. Because if you don’t take care of your energy, who will? And then who will take care of the others in your life that you feel need help?
That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself. In our Bioenergy Balancing practice, we work with Chi – the energy within the body. We work with the meridians, which are basically the energy circulation system in the body and the chakras, which are focussed energetic portals. These are located along the central line in your body crown to root.
Chakras can take in or give out energy such as with loving bonds or manipulative cords with another person. They can also be portals to send energy to another person who you believe is in need. Unfortunately, at times, this can be done unconsciously. If it continues over a period of time, it can be dehabilitating to your health.
Many years ago I had a dear friend whose father was having severe heart problems. I was driving in my car feeling exhausted and thinking of them. I didn’t understand why I was tired and knew there was nothing I could do to help my friend who lived half way around the globe. I brought my hand to my heart and felt a physical jolt. I knew instantly that there was lots of energy flowing out to my friend and that was why I was exhausted. I kept my hand on my heart and said to myself “I save my energy for my body so that I can help people in a way that is helpful for everyone.”
Strange as it seems, I felt an immediate flood of energy and joy into my body.
Try that for yourself and let me know how it feels. We help clients identify those floodgates and restore their personal energy to new levels.


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