February 14

Living in Love Letter: Self-Care Love


In case you have any issue taking care of yourself, I hereby grant you permission to give yourself some self-care love today!

What sounds good? 

A bubble bath in the morning?

A walk in a redwood forest?

Some gardening in the light rain?

A cup of tea in the quiet?

A frolic in the snow with the dog and kids?

Or if you haven’t gotten out of bed yet…

A chapter of that book you haven’t had time to read? (my personal favorite)

An extra long meditation where maybe you fall back asleep after saying Om, Shanti, Om? (mmm, maybe this is my favorite…)

Some love-making? (or maybe this is my favorite! Oh-la-la!)

Or maybe you do something else that is very fun and creative and relaxing! What is it?

Playing piano for an hour? (Greg’s personal favorite)

Or making a collage?

What feeds your body and soul?

What will have you feeling rested and rejuvenated?

Let me know, I would love to hear about it.

I always need new and wonderful ideas.

So go out there and care for your body and spirit!


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