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Testimonials From Past
Heal Your Life With Love Participants

The videos went straight to the matter and I was surprised how quickly and easily the lessons applied to my life. It was like a spotlight shining right where I needed it. The live healings are always amazing and the energy and input from the group is unmatched. The biggest takeaway for me was the one person I wasn't loving fully was myself and that impacts my everyday life.

Sarah Doely 
- Energetic Healer

This training helped me identify specific signs of being manipulated and gave constructive help for how to handle that circumstance. I appreciated the small bites of information that have powerful impact and immediate application. The biggest take away is to look inside at my feelings, behaviors, and responses first to begin to solve the situation but to do with the the goal of having a loving result as the outcome. I feel empowered to take actions because I can feel confidence that a target of a loving interaction will be more likely to be mutually beneficial. This is an excellent course! Thank you so much!

Angie Russell 
- Cancer Activist

Thank you, Antonia, and Greg for your love, sharing and caring. Thank you to everyone for your comments and feedback. I have learned much from all of your sharing. My biggest take away for me is that I am letting go of the Monkey mind sitting on my shoulder. I purposely made a commitment to myself to consciously deflate and eliminate the weight on my shoulder and out of my mind.

Carol Metz Murray 
- Courageous Leader

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