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Healing Past Life Trauma  
(to increase visibility and confidence NOW!)

CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing Workshop

Discover how past life
traumas Affect your visibility

in this FREE, online, Three-Hour workshop 

with master healers 

Antonia Van becker and greg Lee

Here's what will happen during this
Healing Past Life Trauma Workshop using
CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing

Discover How Past Life Traumas are keeping you small and invisible 

Antonia and Greg will pull back the curtain on past life traumas, especially death traumas as a healer. You'll discover how healing this one aspect of past lives can be the single most significant factor to set you free. Using the CoreTalk™ process, you can break free of visibility issues that may be affecting your ability to attract clients and grow your business. You'll see how they address this issue, and what the heck they mean when they say they talk to your body. Antonia and Greg explain how your body has all the answers it needs to create health and abundance... if you're willing to take the time to actually talk to it and find out what it wants! Using their signature CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing, they have a conversation with your body about the hidden things it's trying to tell you, but can't until you ask. They know what to ask and how to heal the past so you can unlock the hidden treasures of your body's wisdom. All to set you free so you can be seen and bring your unique gifts to the world.

Experience The Process! Live past life trauma healing Hotseats

How would your life change if you knew you could heal the challenges that come up in your day, especially around visibility and attracting clients? Antonia and Greg will teach you how to do their signature CoreTalk™ Holistic healing to address the specifics of past life trauma, and how to bust through and get back to being productive and on purpose in minutes. As you go through this process, you'll experience and feel the deep, immediate, innate healing. And, everyone on the call benefits.

Group Healing, Questions, and what to do next

An important tenant of CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing is to address the "common roadmap" that all human beings have as part of their energetic emotional settings. We use group healing techniques so everyone receives healing of emotions such as fear, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation. All these pieces of our emotional/energetic roadmap can be healed in this group setting. Nobody gets left behind.

What people are saying about Antonia and Greg's
CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing...

Kat Trimarco

Evolutionary Thought Leader

"Sold out Event with CoreTalk"


I've experienced such a massive inner shift in how I'm showing up in my business and feeling this shift of confidence and knowing I just get to be ME.
I sold out an event I was going to cancel and made a massive profit because of doing CoreTalk with Antonia and Greg.

Ladina Gilly

Energetic Healer

"Complete Transformation with CoreTalk"

Honestly, having Antonia and Greg as cheerleaders as you go through a rocky patch in life is a true blessing. Their humanity and sensitivity, and simply, their down-to-earth approach to healing is like the most wonderful balm on very raw and itchy skin. Through working with them, my life has already transformed completely.

Eiji Morishita

Founder of Movement Makers

"Best in Class, Best in World"

I literally felt my body shift in the moment, and I’m really excited for what’s about to happen. The CoreTalk session with Antonia and Greg set off a series of powerful events in my transformation. I only recommend people who are best in class or best in the world, and I can tell you they're the real deal. 

About Antonia and Greg

Creators of CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing

Antonia Van Becker and Greg Lee are the founders of Self Health Institute, Inc. and their mission is to empower clients by turning problems that block their success, into Golden Opportunities so they can move forward with clarity and confidence.

For 27 years they’ve been using their signature CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing to guide conscious entrepreneurs, business owners, healers, speakers, and coaches toward successful outcomes by asking their clients bodies simple questions and getting life-changing answers. 

They love helping people get past overwhelm, procrastination, self-doubt, and chronic health issues so they can have the life, business, and impact they so deeply desire.

Antonia and Greg’s online courses, the Success Accelerator Code™, the Energy Accelerator Code, and the Ultimate Self-Healing System™, along with their CoreTalk™ Certification Program, give people the healing tools they need so they can heal and transform their life and business.