Catch the Double Wave Experience the power of CoreTalk™ and Hawaiian Lomilomi massage in one session. CoreTalk starts the shift, and Hawaiian Lomilomi completes the deep integration of body, mind, and spirit. Double Wave: Double Impact.

CoreTalk $1,500/hour Initial session is two hours for adults. Follow-up sessions are one to one and half hours. Children and animal sessions are usually shorter. CoreTalk™

Hawaiian Lomilomi Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage $600.00/hour Massage sessions are usually one and a half to three hours depending on the individual’s needs. Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

ProSports Therapy – Ho’onoho’iwi $15/minute (less than an hour)$800/hour Payment adjustments are available for developing athletes. ProSports Therapy – Ho’onoho’iwi


Lomilomi Massage appointments, Greg Lee

CoreTalk appointments, Antonia Van Becker

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for CoreTalk™ and/or Hawaiian Lomilomi massage are a great gift idea, bringing peace and serenity to body, mind and spirit. They’re a great choice when the inevitable “what gift would you like” question is posed.

To receive a paper gift certificate, contact Antonia Van Becker

Shipping is free, by US Mail or email, and free local delivery is available even if you wait until the last minute to order. We can even send the gift certificates directly to the recipient.

Hawaiian kupuna (elders) describe Lomilomi as a “loving touch, deep to the bones where the soul resides.” Lomilomi therapists are trained to assess physical conditions and create solutions that help restore the client’s wellbeing.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage Gift Certificates

$600 (1 hour)

$900 (1.5 hour)

$1200 (2 hours)

CoreTalk is a healing arts discipline combining Western medical principles of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry with Eastern concepts of chi (body energy) and the meridian/chakra system through which body energy flows.

CoreTalk Gift Certificates

$1,500 (1 hour)

$2,000 (1.5 hour)

$2,500 (2 hours)