Success Mastery: Be Your Brilliance

Details and Information

Over the next 12 months, we'll support you in the following ways…

  • Total Success Roadmap™ Transformation
  • Fast Track Transformation Sessions
  • CoreTalk™ Success Conversations
  • Year Of Healing and Alignment
  • Transformational Strategies
  • VIP Access To All Training Programs
  • One Year Of Private 2 on 1 CoreTalk™ Healing Sessions with Antonia and Greg
  • CoreTalk™ Holistic Healing Certification Program
  • Be Your Brilliance VIP Access - Exclusive Facebook Group, Special VIP Invitations to all events,                      workshops

Monthly Total Success Roadmap™ Calls

Get personalized direction for your Total Success Roadmap™ to divine goals and actions. This gives you 12 sessions where you can check in and get support where and when needed.

  • Get active accountability support for health, mindset and all aspects of your success mastery journey
  • Use visioning, goal setting and your WHY to ensure completion of your most important tasks
  • Create your dream team of active goal achievers
  • Get the “I’m doin’ this” supercharge for success

Value $4,500

Fast Track Transformation Sessions

These calls give you 12 more opportunities to ask us anything you wish. You get the added bonus of hearing other people’s questions that could be the big ah-ha you didn’t know you needed.

  • An extra healing bonus call for just what you need in the moment
  • Group and individual strategies and insight so that you can get past any challenges  quickly and easily.
  • Answering any questions you have as you go through your year of transformation

Value $4,500

Monthly Group CoreTalk™ Success Conversations

On these monthly group CoreTalk™ calls we’ll focus on skill building of this foundational process.

  • Discover the most effective questions to ask your body so that you can uncover and heal core issues, limiting beliefs, other people's sticky energy, and anything that's holding you back from your best life ever.
  • Discover the 'magic gem' questions that most people never think of that can give you the key to unlock the door of long held trauma.
  • Become skilled at what to do when you don’t know what to ask, so you always have a process to heal whatever is being presented.
  • Get brilliant by hearing other experienced practitioners’ questions.
  • In addition, you'll also receive a 40+ page document with CoreTalk questions, dialogs, and explanations for CoreTalk conversations addressing food allergies, toxins, energetic manipulations, and much, much more, so that you can have transform your health and happiness, and that of your clients, using CoreTalk.

Value $4,500

Year Of Healing and Alignment

Once a month you'll have the opportunity to consult with your very own CoreTalk Holistic Healing Mentor.

  • Get supercharged and focused on the next best actions to take to create ongoing transformation
  • Uncover and energetically clear blocks from limiting, outdated, and hidden beliefs
  • Overcome fears so that you can get out of fight and flight and live in your calm and confident success
  • Clear past lives, generational trauma, manipulative cords so that you can be visible and align your energy with your life and business
  • Discover how to deal with energetic manipulations and issues you didn’t even know you had, but are actually holding you back from success
  • Continually receive highly transformative healing so you can become your best self every and enjoy every minute of the journey
  • And much more that you will discover along the way...

Value $4,500

Transformational Strategies

On this monthly Transformational Strategies Call you’ll:

  • Get strategic direction for your unique offerings of programs, courses, and one on one packages
  • Get expert advice for naming, pricing and delivery of your unique offering
  • Get coaching and clarity around systems and tools so that you can get the best results in the least amount of time
  • Get immediate support to clear money blocks, visibility issues, and self-doubt so you can get more clients

Value $4,500

VIP Access To All Training Programs

This is your exclusive 12-month access to all the information and training programs we offer. That includes CoreTalk™ Coaching Certification advanced healing modules.

  • Access to all training programs
    • Success Accelerator Code
    • Energy Accelerator Code
    • CoreTalk™: The Ultimate Self Healing System
    • 5 Challenges and all workshops and trainings

Value $4,500

Year of Private 2-1 CoreTalk™ Healing Session 

  • This is your time to get the personal attention you need to assure your healing transformation will have lifelong lasting success to transport you into the life you’ve dreamed of.
  • Get 4 personal healing sessions with Antonia and Greg
  • Get 6 additional CoreTalk healing sessions with a Certified CoreTalk Practitioner
  • Individual and deep lifelong transformation
  • Laser focus on your business and health priorities
  • Immediate therapy for core issues
  • Create your energetic blueprint to live your dream

Value $18,000

Success Mastery Bonus: CoreTalk™ Coaching Certification Curriculum

The CoreTalk™ Coaching Certification curriculum is a deep dive into advanced healing modules.

  • Monthly 3-Hour CoreTalk™ Certification Workshops
    • Heal physiological symptoms and solutions like headaches, muscle pain, digestive issues, skin, hair and nail issues, muscles and connective tissue,
    • Decode Limiting and Outdated Beliefs,
    • Alleviate Food and Environmental Allergies, 
    • Heal traumas/past lives/ancestral/generational,
    • Energetic and psychic wounds and manipulations like shrouds/shock/splits
  • Facebook group and Member Site full of tools, replays, etc
  • Potential coaching opportunities from Self Health Institute
  • Exclusive Facebook group

Value $Priceless

Bonus: Be Your Brilliance VIP Access to All Events, Workshops, and Facebook Group

This is your exclusive 12-month access to us and all the information and programs we offer. That includes CoreTalk™ Coaching Certification advanced healing modules.

  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Group and expert interaction
  • Access to all training programs
  • Bonus: CoreTalk™ Coaching Certification curriculum
  • Special VIP invitations to all events

Value $Priceless

Success Mastery: Be Your Brilliance Recap…

This program is specifically designed to help you transform your Business and life so you can have the success you’ve dreamed of

  • Total Success Roadmap™ Transformation Value $4,500
  • Fast Track Transformation Sessions   Value $4,500
  • CoreTalk™ Success Conversations   Value $4,500
  • Year Of Healing and Alignment  Value $4,500
  • Transformational Strategies Value 4,500
  • VIP Access To All Training Programs  Value $4,500
  • One Year Of Private 2 on 1 CoreTalk™ Healing Sessions (4 with Antonia and Greg, and 6 with Certified CoreTalk Practitioners)   Value $18,000
  • Bonus: CoreTalk™ Coaching Certification Program  Value: $Priceless
  • Be Your Brilliance VIP Access - Exclusive Facebook Group, Special VIP Invitations to all events,                      workshops  Value: $Priceless

Value $45,000

Your Investment For 

Success Mastery: Be Your Brilliance…

The combined value is $45,000 and the investment is…

Payment option #1: $16,800 with payment plan 

($1K deposit today, + 4 monthly payments of $3,950)

Payment option #2: $14,997 Full Pay Option – Save $1,800

Full Pay Bonus #1:

  • Save $1,800
  • BONUS: VIP ½ Day Total Success Roadmap™ ($3,500 Value)
    • Deep dive to get your Total Success Roadmap rockin’
    • Includes all aspects of goal setting, divining decisions, healing blocks and alignment of belief

Full Pay Bonus #2:

  • Add 2 More CoreTalk Sessions with Antonia and Greg ($3,000 Value)
    • When You Enroll By 4:00 p.m. Friday, January 26
    • Make $1K deposit
    • Get the 2 Bonus Sessions when you Enroll and Make Full Payment by January 26, 2024

How To Get In:

  • Review your Vision
  • Get in touch with your intuition
  • Make a decision by Friday
  • Put down a deposit of $1K

Investment for the Success Mastery program $45,000.

Special Limited Time Offer! (includes all bonuses) $14,997.

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