What if there were a simple step-by-step system…

to effortlessly break through overwhelm, procrastination and anxiety,

even if you’ve tried everything under the sun (and then some)…

…would you finally feel confident to grow and scale a meaningful, 

impact-driven business with laser-like focus, passion and precision?

If you answered YES! to the question above,
The Ultimate Self-Healing System could be for you.

“I’m now centered, clear, and confident!”

“Growing up, I learned what to say and what not to say to stay out of trouble and keep the peace. As a result, speaking up for myself, standing up for myself, and feeling seen and heard have long been my growing edge.

After using the Ultimate Self-Healing System, I experienced an immediate and significant shift. I’ve had my own business and, for many years, alternated between marketing and hiding–not an effective combo! Since using the Ultimate Self-Healing System, I’ve felt centered, clear, and confident. Self-doubt and second-guessing myself has been replaced by simply sharing the best truth that I know.”

Linda Anderson Henry, MBA
Prosperity Circles

The Ultimate Self-Healing System includes:

Seven modules with powerful, concise videos, targeted energetic instructions, meditations, and journals:

  • How emotional experiences impact your long term health and what to do about it now
  • How to identify which emotion is ruling your world
  • The power of the pendulum and how to get accurate answers to life’s most important questions (including a free gift!)
  • The 4 essential questions you must ask your body first to ensure you get accurate answers
  • How to create and use your Life Timeline to dive into and heal life’s traumatic experiences
  • How Emotions and Meridians serve as your body’s Ultimate Feedback Loop for deeper awareness
  • How Meridians conduct your life force and how to nourish and re-balance them
  • How to identify and balance YOUR Signature Meridian

And a special bonus module detailing how Chakras, Cords, and Splits fit into this unique healing system so you get results that last, and you’ll discover:

  • How to disconnect from other people’s toxic energy
  • How to establish and protect your boundaries
  • How to recognize and re-integrate energetic splits

The Ultimate Self-Healing System is an amazing course that gets amazing results for those who participate.

BUT – we only offer the course three times a year, and it fills up quickly each time we open it.