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The Many Uses for a Pendulum in Business


There are many uses for a pendulum, but in the hands of a healer, the possibilities are infinite.  “Be a hand – not a Christian hand, Jewish hand, Muslim hand, or Atheist hand – just a hand – not a black hand, white hand, brown hand, or yellow hand – just a hand – not a straight hand or queer hand – just a hand – a hand that helps and a hand that heals.”   – Abhijit Naskar, Şehit Sevda Society: Even in Death I Shall Live.

Everyone has a calling, which usually presents itself as a profession. But for us healers, our call is a lifestyle. It is as if our soul was in pain if we did not follow that path. It is vital because it has been our call for many lifetimes. Most of the issues or blockages we encounter as healers come from that past life trauma. 

Now we know that being a business owner is challenging. But being a healer, with all the past life baggage it comes with, who owns a business is a life challenge. And one of the most difficult things we might encounter is business decision-making as healers. uses for pendulum

Why Start a Business as a Healer?


Our call’s definition is a person seeking to cure diseases or heal injuries by means other than conventional medical treatment. We could rephrase this and include a holistic vision, so we get a better definition of what a healer is:

A person seeking to cure diseases or heal injuries by complementing medical treatment with alternative treatments.  

Although spiritually and emotionally rewarding, this is a labor that takes a toll on our body, energy, and soul. And for most of us, energy-healer jobs are full-time.

Then, there’s an economic investment. We are 100% sure that if you are an energy healer of some kind, you have gone at least through one of the following:

  • Energy Healing Certification
  • Reiki Healing Certification
  • Chakra Healing Certification
  • Pranic Healing Certification
  • Healer Certification Program
  • And more…
uses for a pendulum
The pendulum is one of 3 Powerful Ways to Tap Into Your Body’s Wisdom. Want to find out the other 2 ways?


There are thousands of energy healing therapies, but most have one thing in common: They are not cheap.

How many of you have invested quite some money with energy healing certifications or healer certifications programs? We know we did when we first started. It took us quite some time, effort, and money to develop our technique: CoreTalk™.

So we can all agree that being a healer has a toll on our general existence. Energetically, economically, spiritually, and physically. So, if we want to live off of this, we need to make it a business. 

Another essential aspect to consider is that we live in a world where, if you want people to trust you and your gifts, you need to have specific recognition. An established business can bring that recognition to what you can offer the world.

Business Decision-making

uses for pendulum

Let’s start with the basics. The business decision-making definition.

Decision-making is a step-by-step process that allows you to solve problems within your business by weighing evidence, examining alternatives, and choosing a path.

According to the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, there is a 7 step process to effective decision-making:

1.  Identify the decision
2. Gather information
3. Identify alternatives
4. Weigh the evidence
5. Choose among alternatives
6. Take action
7. Review your decision

However, around step 5, we tend to second guess ourselves more often than we should, which can be exhausting. But why do we do this? 

Ego vs. Superconsciousness

As Sartre did say, “We are our choices.”

There is something always present when we doubt ourselves. The real reason we become hesitant and are unsure of how to proceed is The Ego.

The ego, that little voice full of expectations on the back of our heads. Not willing to let go, micromanaging everything. “It has to be done because I say so and the way I say it.” 

The ego is, in reality, fear, limitations, judgment, and impatient.

Whereas our Superconsciousness is what most might know as our intuition. It is the voice that comes across as full of love, patient and it just feels good. It may not always be logical, but it is right every time.

But how do we know the difference between our ego and our superconsciousness?uses for pendulum

Well, we are healers. And although this might seem like an excruciating process, we must follow it when we own a business. But we have fantastic news for you, we have an extra (and some would call magical) set of tools to help us. 

A Tool Every Healer Needs – The Uses for a Pendulum

Our Superconsciousness, as we said, is our intuition. And our intuition is something deeply connected to our body. And here comes a fantastic tool that every healer must be familiar with: The Pendulum.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Encyclopedia, a pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so it can swing freely. They can be made of wood, crystal, glass, metal, or other materials. Simple as that, right? Not exactly.

Let’s dig a little deeper and define the uses for a pendulum! We have stated that a pendulum is a tool. But as it turns out, the uses for a pendulum are infinite. What is in our interest at this moment is something called dowsing. 

Dowsing – a term that involves several techniques for getting an insight into anything we choose to ask – is one of the common uses for a pendulum. It refers to anything we want to inquire about. If we join both definitions, we get that a pendulum is a tool (or a method) used to ask yes or no questions.

What can we inquire about? Well, the possibilities are endless! A pendulum can be used for so many different things. Personally, we’ve even used it in the supermarket to know whether something is organic or even if it has pesticides.

Your pendulum identifies what your own body is telling you. And as we stated previously, our body and intuition are powerfully intertwined. 

So, of course, the pendulum can be used to add a holistic business approach. 

Having a Holistic Business Approach

The uses for a pendulum can be infinite. But, as a healer, a pendulum can help you not only heal yourself, but others as well.  This makes it a very useful tool for your business. Pendulums can be seen as sort of a transmitter – as they help transmit what you already know in your super consciousness to your conscious mind. 

When starting a business, choosing among the alternatives is where most of us hesitate. We tend to second guess ourselves more often than we should, which can be exhausting. A pendulum can help us tune into our super consciousness and gain answers that we already know inside of us. Instead of hesitating, or second guessing ourselves, you can gain insight and follow your intuition.

A pendulum can aid in having a holistic business approach by letting you tap into your super consciousness. This will allow you to make the best decisions based on evidence and following your intuition.  

If you want to know more about tapping into the wisdom of your body and your super consciousness by using the pendulum.

uses for a pendulum


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