Important question for Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
who still get overwhelmed when it comes to taking specific actions:


If there was a simple step-by-step system
to effortlessly break through overwhelm, procrastination and anxiety,
even if you’ve tried everything under the sun (and then some)…


…would you finally feel confident to grow and scale a meaningful,
impact-driven business with laser-like focus, passion and precision?

“I’m now centered, clear and confident!”


“Growing up, I learned what to say and what not to say to stay out of trouble and keep the peace. As a result, speaking up for myself, standing up for myself,
and feeling seen and heard have long been my growing edge.
After using the Ultimate Self-Healing System, I experienced an immediate and significant shift. I’ve had my own business and, for many years, alternated between marketing and hiding–not an effective combo! Since using the Ultimate Self-Healing System, I’ve felt centered, clear, and confident. Self-doubt and second-guessing myself has been replaced by simply sharing the best truth that I know.”
Linda Anderson Henry, MBA
Prosperity Circles

If you answered yes to the question above,
We have a very special invitation for you.


Here’s what you get inside The Ultimate Self-Healing System:
Seven modules with powerful, concise videos, targeted energetic instructions, meditations and journals:

  • forwardhow emotional experiences impact your long term health and what to do about it now
  • forwardhow to identify which emotion is ruling your world
  • forwardthe power of the pendulum and how to get accurate answers to life’s most important questions (and you’ll receive a free gift!)
  • forwardthe 4 essential questions you must ask your body first to ensure you get accurate answers
  • forwardhow to create and use your Life Timeline to dive into and heal life’s traumatic experiences
  • forwardhow Emotions and Meridians serve as your body’s Ultimate Feedback Loop for deeper awareness
  • forwardhow Meridians conduct your life force and how to nourish and rebalance them
  • forwardhow to identify and balance your Signature Meridian


And, a special Bonus Module detailing how Chakras, Cords and Splits fit into this unique healing system so you get results that last, and you’ll discover:

  • forwardhow to disconnect from other people’s toxic energy


  • forwardhow to establish and protect your boundaries


  • forwardhow to recognize and reintegrate energetic splits

Fast Action Bonus #1: One-hour healing session with Antonia and Greg.

Jumpstart your massive transformation and take an energetic leap forward. 

Value $600.


Fast Action Bonus #2: Body Awakening – Be Your Brilliance Three-Day Live Event: 

Transform, connect and re-energize your body. Let go of limiting beliefs and get life affirming abundance.

Value: $1997.


Fast Action Bonus #3: FREE 2nd ticket to Body Awakening – Be Your Brilliance Three-Day Live Event:

Bring a friend or partner and share this special event.

Value: $1997.


Fast Action Bonus #4: 6 months Fast Track Transformation Monthly Group Call. 

Value: $582. 



Investment for the Ultimate Self-Healing System $1997.

Special Limited Time Offer! (includes all bonuses) $997.




The Ultimate Self-Healing System is NOT for you, if,

  • forwardit’s okay to have lingering health problems disrupt your life
  • forwardyou think your emotions don’t influence your health
  • forwardyou believe only doctors can solve your health problems

The Ultimate Self-Healing System IS for you, if,

  • forwardyou’re sick and tired of feeling stressed out, anxious and exhausted
  • forwardyou want to have clarity and confidence and be seen and heard
  • forwardyou want to break out of old patterns that keep you from succeeding
  • forwardyou don’t want your feelings and beliefs about the past to limit your effectiveness now


I understand that I’m getting access to a one time offer worth over $7,100 of training for a very low investment. By adding my name to the waiting list I am securing my spot in line for the next available class.

Yes, Antonia and Greg! I’m ready to invest in myself, change my life and business, make a massive difference in the world and go from self-doubt and second-guessing to clear, focused and confident.

I understand that as part of the Ultimate Self-Healing System online program, I will get:

  • forwardLifetime access to the Ultimate Self-Healing System Online Program course materials as soon as I register so I can get started right away!
  • forward7 Weekly Live Training Sessions with Antonia and Greg.
  • forwardAccess to recordings of the live classes in case I miss a live training session or want to review the material
  • forwardStep by Step weekly plans to discover and heal my injuries, traumas and blocks.
  • forwardPersonalized Signature Healing Solutions to deal with issues that have been with me forever.
  • forwardAccess to drawings, demos, meditations and journals to aid me in understanding and applying the Ultimate Self-Healing System’s Human Body Energetic Clearing Protocols
  • forwardLife-time access to the Ultimate Self-Healing System Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback and support for continued healing 



But don’t take our word for it…


“After completing the Ultimate Self-Healing System Program, I feel I have a roadmap for success. I was looking for one complete program to refer back to time and time again.

I have been through many trainings and workshops, but none compare to this comprehensive program. 

I look forward to continuing the process as life transforms. I would highly recommend this program to friends and family.”

 Elizabeth Alexander


Investment for the Ultimate Self-Healing System $1997.

Special Limited Time Offer! (includes all bonuses) $997.


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