February 9

Your Body Knows



I wanted to share what Greg and I believe deep in our hearts, in our bones, and in our bodies.

Our Bodies Know Everything. They are our Oracle of Wisdom, our truth teller, the Sage of our lives.

Think about it.

Who was there when you were taunted by your classmates?

Or when you parents got divorced?

Or when you were assaulted?

Who was there when you weren’t the smartest one in the class.

Or when you lost that important game.

Or when you broke your arm or was in that bad car crash, drunk.

Or when s/he broke your heart.

Who knows more than anyone how those events impacted you?  Your Body.

Your brain may not remember everything from when you were young or when you passed out or were operated on. Your brain’s job is to keep you safe. So, if something is too painful, or too hideous, or too scary, it will lock that memory away until you’re ready. And maybe you’ll never be ready by your brain’s assessment.

But your body remembers: all of that history is in your tissues.

Your body is the keeper of your history. It inscribes your actions and responses into your DNA, upon your heart, into your lymphatic system, and onto a billion other chemical and physiological processes that occur in your body in every second. Your liver holds your anger, and your lungs hold grief. And they know when it started.

And they can tell you how to change it.

All we have to know how to do is ask.

Ask and you shall receive the answers. Ask your body and it will tell you the answers to your biggest questions. It knows what’s the best action for you to take, when’s the best time for you to take it, what you will do and what you won’t, what you like and dislike, and who you love.

So if you want to change something in your life, ask your body, and it will give you the answer.


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